Artist Statement

These modern paintings are the latest series in an exploration of emotional perception and boundless imagination, relating to our elemental environments and our personal pasts…the origin of energy, the birth of our landscape.  Each seed in search of its own independence, direction arising from the earliest sprout of life.  Strong yet peaceful motion set free into a blank scape of possibility.  A tribute to organic beauty and an appreciation of the imaginative.

My use of singular hued seeds opens up the opportunity for islands of life, encouraging freely developed interior formations full of color and shape, dunes of turquoise and pulsing lakes of rose.  Countless symbolic connotations associated with the seed and its relevance to our future evokes feelings of hopefulness and a sense of purpose.  Dynamic color bounces through universal light, reminding us of the complexities of our natural and organic spaces and the endless opportunities for discovery and interpretation.

I was raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where I currently live and work.  It is there I find freedom in interpreting elements creatively and without limitation.  The resulting body of work presents a truly seasonless perspective complete with a curiosity for life.

--Cady Watson, Artist

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